Frequently Asked Questions


Passport365 originated from Replay Maintenance and has been built by people working the facilities management industry, this is a tool built by people who know what is needed when it comes to looking after facilities, organising staff and scheduling maintenance.

Passport365 is designed so you can get access and get using it straight away, there are help guides available for all sections and our team are more than willing to help where necessary. We can also provide a more comprehensive setup for you if needed, just get in touch.

Passport365 is a web based platform, however, the mobile app can be used offline, just make sure you have connected to the internet and updated everything then you can complete all actions without a connection and all your information will synchronise back to the web when you reconnect.

Passport365 can be used all over the world, so no need to worry where you are based or where your field workers are heading. The platform can be customised for different regions too including date format and currency.

Yes, you can different levels of access for different user, so management can see everything whilst a fieldworker can be set to only see their assigned jobs.


There is no limit to the amount of data that can be stored in Passport365.

There is no installation required for Passport365, it has two parts, the web application is where most features of Passport365 can be accessed and then a mobile app which can be download from the app store or android store, this is most useful for those out and about completing jobs, conduction surveys etc.

Yes, you can import contact and site details to populate the system and get you moving straight away and save admin and data entry time.


No, there is no additional setup costs, just the cost per user per month, modules such as custom forms and Business Intelligence (BI) reports will have an additional cost, get in contact with us for more detail on that.

No. Though we do offer a discount for annual plans and are able to offer longer deals as and when appropriate.

You get 14 days to use all of the system, with no obligation to pay or sign on at the end of that period. When the 14 days ends you can enter card details or contact us to carry on, you can then use everything you have done over the fortnight or if you have been using dummy data we can clear that for you.

Yes! If you want to start with just the basics then add the rest of the modules later you can, just get in touch with us.

A license is a single user accessing the system. Each person in your organisation needs a license to be able to log in and use Passport365.