Working from home through Covid-19

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Sports Labs Ltd. have been actively using Passport 365 since 2019, the decision to use the system was made as our previous in house system was struggling to cope with the scheduling of our onsite technicians in a dynamic environment, with the need to keep our clients and technicians updated with information and the requirements of the jobs assigned to them.

The scheduling aspects of Passport 365 have been a real benefit to the business, the Online Software and Mobile App allow us to keep track of our technicians as they progress through the work assigned to them. We can also communicate with our clients in real time directly from the system, letting them have updated information on when technicians will arrive and who will be attending their site and when the testing has been completed. The ability to view our uploaded test results and site information once completed has certainly improved our already high level of service to our clients.

Passport 365 has improved our ability to manage our field-testing operations exponentially during the lockdown period, with a full programme of work having been easily scheduled into the system with all our testing assets tracked and utilised efficiently. The software gives a clear picture across a broad spectrum of users from Management, to Field operations to the technicians on site.

As we move forward into a “New” normal, following the Covid-19 Pandemic, we see Passport 365 as a vital tool in assisting our technicians to undertake their work in a safe and secure environment. With instant access to all information, from contact details and arrival instructions for site to method statements and testing worksheets, our technicians have ready access to all they require to complete the work efficiently without the need to visit the office. Our site operations department can also work from home controlling our schedule and information flow, while more importantly keeping in constant contact with the Technicians in the field and providing them with live updates remotely.”

Keith MacPherson, Sports Labs Ltd
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